Exploiting the material to bring your projects to life!

Arrebeuri - Metal furniture manufacturer

Our Services

Arrebeuri specializes in the design and production of custom furniture and architectural elements for designers, architects and individuals in all types of metals and in a handcrafted way.


We use the material to bring to life your development projects while offering you the best technical solutions for an optimal integration of the metal.


We support designers, architects and individuals in their various projects. Close to our clients, each project is approached in the form of a collaboration. Our technique at the service of your requirements.


The company aims to position itself as a trusted partner for its customers and to produce ever higher quality works. We put our technique and expertise at the customer service in order to exceed their expectations.


The aim is to facilitate the client’s approach by offering him the opportunity to speak directly to a qualified craftsman who will meet his expectations, guide him and advise him in his various projects.

We’ll be happy to study your project and help you make it happen!