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Canopies, doors, and glass partitions

Our workshop offers custom manufacturing of architectural elements allowing you to better take advantage of your living space, and to highlight elements of your decor.

Glass partitions manufacturing workshop (commonly called ‘canopies’)

Among the important stages in the construction or renovation of a space, whether residential or commercial, is the installation of barriers, partitions or protection and security. These various barriers are essentially doors, canopies and partitions. In addition to ensuring the safety of premises and people, these protective devices bring beauty and aesthetics to a house and make it possible to aesthetically separate spaces. Their manufacture and installation, however, requires the intervention of experts in the field.

Between aesthetics and practicality

The canopies are separations between two rooms with the objective of the passage of light. Their facilities offer many advantages for the home In fact, in addition to opening up the spaces in your rooms, they also provide very good thermal and sound insulation. They facilitate the circulation of air as well as good lighting in your spaces. Whether installed in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the bathroom or in the form of a mezzanine, they bring a touch of modernity and aesthetics wherever they are. They also give a form of elegance and resistance to the structure. The canopy isolates noise and filters odors. Perfect for offices as well. There are different types of canopies.

  • Canopies according to the frame: depending on the frame used, there is a structure made of steel which is very solid and lasts over time. It’s also recyclable. Next comes the aluminum structure which is also recyclable
  • Canopies according to the type of glass: there are mainly laminated glass which prevents splinters, very resistant tempered glass and double or triple glazed glass for canopies which open onto the outside. Also the use of smoked or textured glasses.

Why use our services?

For all your glass installation and installation projects, the Arrebeuri workshop is at your disposal. The order of a canopy depends on the nature of the frame and the size. So you can order your canopy with us. The prices include manufacturing, measurement, glazing, painting and installation, do not take into account the foundation work or the installation itself.

Our doors offer the same qualities as our glass partitions, with different options such as sliding or hinged. A door for the interior often has as its first criterion to let in light.

Glass partitions are popular glass devices in modern constructions. There are actually two types of glass partitions. These are glass and semi-glazed partitions. They offer many advantages. The partition lets in a large amount of light in your home. It offers good insulation of your rooms without depriving them of light. They enhance the decorations of your interior and offer a very airy appearance. However, its installation requires the intervention of a professional, because glass is a very sensitive material.

Regarding the manufacturing price of a glass partition, this will largely depend on the number of partitions in the partition, and the type of glazing.

For all your installations of canopies, interior doors or glass partitions in Montreal, you can contact the Arrebeuri workshop. Professionals and experts in the field will make themselves available and attentive to your project.

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